Future of Education Meetup & Discussion /未来教育讨论会
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This is a casual meetup about the future of education with no strings attached or selling involved. People caught selling or harrassing other participants will be turned away.

This meetup is for anybody who has a stake in the future of education: school-leavers, undergrads, educators, undergrads, PMETS or anybody who wants to discuss new ways to educate themselves. Everybody from all walks of life, cultures and nationalites are super welcomed.

In this meetup session, you can expect a lot of networking and discussions on edtech, new and alternative learning models, government learning grants and how to learn for free through online courses and open-sourced learning.

I will be sharing some insights on how to get a free education and how to decide whether college is suitable for you.

No one is an expert so feel free to talk to anyone & everyone.

We may also organise small groups for collaborative group learning in subsequent meetups. Do register before coming.

The LLibrary
11 Eunos Rd 8 Singapore 408601
#03 - 02 (via Lobby B)